Status of Blogspace: an update

I am slowly compiling the legal documentation (Privacy Policy,  Terms of Use, User Agreement)  and encryption (SSL) to enable blog signups.

The rules will be slightly different from the forums, mainly due to recent issues in the news which involved private photographs and art stolen from accounts on Apple Cloud and elsewhere being posted on blogsites.

As a strong proponent of privacy and control over one’s art and images, I am strongly against the type of behavior exhibited by the hackers which leaked the photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities.

There will be a special section of the Terms of Use detailing our policy on art theft, on posting art by others, and on posting such photographs.

The Best Practices are as follows:

If it’s not yours, don’t post it as your own art.  If the photos aren’t yours, don’t post them as your own.

If the artist has explicitly stated “Do not reblog unless it is from this link”, do not reshare or reblog the art, or post it on your blog, unless it’s from the artist’s approved link.

Post the source of art featured on your blogs! If you aren’t sure where the cool picture came from, use Google Images to search.

Do not post private photos of others on your blogsite unless you have explicit permission to do so.

DMCA takedown requests will be honored, and if any are received, the blog owner will be contacted regarding the offending photo or art.

Any questions?